A mysterious virus in China and Netflix dominate Oscar nominations and more


Have you missed what happened during the past twenty-four hours? Here are quick glimpses of the most important news you need to know in less than two minutes:

Chinas rapid identification of the new virus is a major public health gain:

A new mysterious virus causing severe fever and severe pneumonia has been swept by the Chinese city of Wuhan, and dozens have been hospitalized, making the virus a concern of health officials all over the world who are on high alert.

Officials in China announced last Thursday that researchers analyzed viral samples from patients and were able to determine the virus as one of the “coronavirus”, where under the name of Corona a wide family of viruses, including only six that infect humans, so the new virus will make it seven.

The rapid response and handling of infected cases shows that public science and public health infrastructure policies in China have made great strides since the SARS virus outbreak in 2003, which spread to 26 countries and caused 774 deaths, after the Chinese government hidden the epidemic and its consequences from the rest of the world.

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The World Health Organization said on Sunday that the emergence of pneumonia in China was linked to one market for the sale of seafood in Wuhan, central China, and had not spread further yet.

Netflix dominates Academy Awards nominations for Best Film of 2020:

Yesterday, the full list of Oscar nominees for 2020 submitted by the American Academy of Image Arts and Sciences was announced yesterday, and Oscars celebrate this year. She is No. 92.

But some things seem never to change, there are no women nominations for the Best Director award. While there is an interesting digital development where Netflix received a total of 24 nominations, which is more than any major Hollywood company, thanks in large part to the movie (Irish) by the great director Martin Scorsese Nominations, and Marriage Story, produced by the platform.

It is noteworthy that last year, Netflix competed for the Best Film Award through the movie (Rome) that it produced, but it did not win, but the opportunity arose again for the company to win the grand prize at the Academy Awards 2020. The Academy Awards will be distributed during a ceremony in Hollywood on the ninth of February Next February.

Quick fact about Tesla: 367,500 cars!

This is the number of cars delivered by Tesla Electric Vehicles last year, and it represents a 50% increase from 2018. It also exceeded The company’s share price Yesterday the $ 520 barrier, which was only $ 360 a month ago.

The most prominent upcoming games during 2020:

There are a lot of games that companies are expected to launch during 2020, from Final Fantasy VII Remake to Halo Infinite. Here is a list of Uber9g games coming during 2020.

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