A new decision from the Lebanese authorities in the case of Nancy Ajram’s husband


Lebanese journalist Saeed Hariri announced new details about the investigations being conducted by Lebanese judge Ghada Aoun about the murder of the storm of the villa of Lebanese actress Nancy Ajram and her husband, Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem.

“Hariri” stated that the Lebanese authorities decided to expand the investigations further at the request of the family of the dead man, pointing out that they had requested the removal of the data contacts from the cell phone of Nancy Ajram’s husband, who had known his pistol in the face of the dead Muhammad Musa and wanted him to be killed at his house about 10 days ago.

He pointed out that the external surveillance cameras of Nancy Ajram’s house showed the dead man standing in front of the outside entrance to the house before the accident and the presence of a pistol in his possession.

The Lebanese media said in a new publication written through his account on “Instagram”: “The Appeal Public Prosecutor in Mount Lebanon, Judge Ghada Aoun, decided to complete the ongoing preliminary investigation at the Jounieh police station, where it was expanded upon the request of the family of Muhammad Al-Mousa (Syrian nationality) who was killed.” In the artist’s house, Nancy Ajram, after he entered it with the aim of stealing, declaring a pistol on her husband, Dr. Fadi Al Hashim, who shot him in the direction of his entering the walkway leading to the bedrooms.

“Hariri” added, “According to information sources close to the investigation, it was found that the walkway leading to the children’s bedrooms does not have an outlet leading to the outside of the house.”

And Hariri said: “The inspection also showed on the external surveillance cameras of Al-Hashem’s house a tape showing the muse standing in front of the outside entrance to this house, before the accident occurred.”

And Hariri continued: “The investigation is studying what is being transmitted on social media, sometimes by distributing a picture of the Moses with the owners of the house, it turned out that he is not the person in it, and that he is not the person that was monitored by surveillance cameras outside the home, and this tape has spread on the communication sites.”

And Saeed Hariri’s post stated: “And he appeared to investigate, according to the information that Al-Musa shot first in the direction of Al-Hashem from the pistol, which he was carrying, and it became clear after the accident that he was an acoustic pistol, and that the pistol used from Al-Hashem, firing bullets as soon as the trigger was pressed and Al-Hashem used it for the first time in the accident. “.

He concluded by saying, “And you add that the investigation is continuing with its mission to remove all hypotheses of suspicion, and the request has become to remove the data from Al-Hashim’s phone in the context of verifying Al-Hashim’s statement that he does not know Al-Musa and saw him for the first time at the time of the accident.”

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