A new feature is coming for WhatsApp users on iPhone .. I know what it is


WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, is preparing to unveil a new update for iPhone users, which will have version number 2.20.10, and the update will bring support for the WhatsApp call waiting feature, and it will also enable users to choose to accept another call while actually talking to someone via WhatsApp.

The update also adds a new privacy feature that allows you to specify who can add you to groups, and group administrators will have the option to send you a private invitation instead, and if you enable low data usage on iPhone, the new update will prevent the automatic play of media files on WhatsApp.

Another interesting feature that WhatsApp is currently testing is the disappearance of messages, this feature has already been present in some competing applications for a while, and the feature of the disappearance of messages will work in group discussions, and it will be enabled by officials in this specific group, and officials will also have the option to choose how long the new messages will be allowed By staying on the chat before deleting it.

According to the screenshots that were published when this feature was discovered, there will be six options which are pause, one hour, one day, one week, one month and one year.

WhatsApp’s testing of this feature has been monitored since last October, but there were only two options which were 5 seconds or 1 hour.

good to mention WhatsApp is preparing to stop subsidizing a number of smartphones, starting next February, According to the official blog published by Facebook’s instant messaging platform, WhatsApp will end support for iPhone OS devices iOS 7 Or older versions, therefore, if you are an iPhone user and have one iOS 7 Or an older operating system running on your phone, it is recommended to upgrade to the latest operating systems now, as you can upgrade to the latest version of the program by going to the “Settings” menu, click “General”, then go to “Software Update”, and upgrade To the latest software.


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