A new member joins the $ 1 trillion club on Wall Street


A new member joined the exclusive $ 1 trillion club on Wall Street, where the company’s shares were valued Alphabet It is the owner of Google, the highest level ever on Thursday, which pushed the company’s market value to reach one trillion dollars, according to CNN.

The company joined Alphabet To tech giants Apple and Microsoft as companies worth at least one trillion dollars, Apple is the company with the highest value in the United States, where the market value of shares for nearly 1.4 trillion dollars, while Microsoft is 1.3 trillion.

This is the first time that three US companies have worth at least $ 1 trillion at the same time, according to the report.

It is also mentioned that earlier Saudi Aramco Oil Company announced the most valuable company on the planet to offer its shares last year with a value of $ 2 trillion and is currently valued at $ 1.8 trillion.

In the same context, there is the Amazon company, which is now valued at approximately $ 930 billion, as it was the second American company to reach the level of a trillion dollars at all in September 2018. But at that time, Apple was the only other company that reached the market price to More than a trillion dollars.

Company shares started Alphabet A strong start to the year as it has already appreciated more than 8% in 2020.

The rest of the technology sector – as well as the broader market – is rising thanks to optimism about the first-stage business deal between the United States and China and strong fourth-quarter earnings from several major banks as the index closed Dow And S&P 500 And all of you are on highs on Thursday.


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