A new surprise in the case of Nancy Ajram .. A Syrian journalist gives her the choice between killing her or her husband and her daughter


“Facebook” pioneers traded a video with an explicit threat to kill the Lebanese artist Nancy Ajram Her daughters and her husband, Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem, where a Syrian journalist named Wassim Zakkour made direct threats to the entire Nancy family.

In the video, which spread in the past hours and titled: “An explicit threat from a Syrian ISIS threatening Nancy Ajram and her family with death,” Zakour confirms that the people of the village to which the dead Muhammad Musa belongs can only take revenge and not long ago, pointing out that he gives Nancy a period of time. A month to carry out his threat.

Wasim Zakkour said in the video: “You fabricated the video and changed the incident and avoided killing Muhammad Musa deliberately, but whoever you consider to be his insect will not be tolerated for his killing and you and one of your daughters will be killed or that Nancy will be killed. Be careful, Nancy and I am not afraid of anyone, And my relations are very wide, and I will tell you that the family of the martyr communicates with me and we want to carry out the mission and in front of you one month and not more than you or your daughter and your husband will be killed and you have a choice. “

He continued: “We do not want to accuse you, but I, the journalist, Wassim Zakour, explicitly threaten you because there was an incident in which victims occurred. The dead man has a right to you while he worked for a long time in guarding gardens, and he is Muhammad Musa from a village called” Basqala “in the countryside of Idlib and you Now she is in a big problem because her family is very stubborn and their revenge cannot die or even delay its implementation. You are a partner with your husband in the crime, because you are an important singer but there is a difference between education and ethics and art“.

And some of the pioneers of social networking sites confirmed that it is possible that the actress Nancy Ajram and her family will report to the Lebanese authorities to protect them from such threats.


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