A new update for Linkedin pages .. Know its features


More than 50 million businesses are currently using Linkedin Pages to join their customers and employees, and to improve the LinkedIn pages experience, Microsoft recently added many new features such as employee notifications and Kudos And Team Moments And Community Hashtags And more, LinkedIn also introduced many new features for its pages, including call for follow-up, integration with LinkedIn in Live and more. mspoweruser The American is the most prominent of these features as follows:

Invite to follow:

New “follow-up” features allow you to invite first-class people to follow your organization’s page, and to avoid spamming, LinkedIn has also included the option to choose anyone if they do not want to receive invitations, and LinkedIn also prevents admins from sending more than 50 invitations per day.

Live broadcast via LinkedIn:

Became LinkedIn’s advantage Live Now available on Linkedin pages, allowing users to engage in two-way conversations and through comments, and in the coming weeks, Linkedin will also publish a live broadcast targeting feature with third-party tools, including Restream And Wirecast And Socialive.

Post as a page or member:

LinkedIn has now also provided the ability to post as an individual or organization, as there is a new toggle button in the Home Page share box.


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