A new video explains the targeting of the Ukrainian plane in Iran with two missiles – Arabs and the world


The New York Times blew a surprise on Tuesday, after it showed video footage recorded by a security camera showing that two Iranian missiles hit the Ukrainian plane, a difference of 30 seconds between the missile and the other.

The Sky News quoted the New York Times that the two missiles were launched from an Iranian military facility about 12 km from the plane.

The video showed a missile flying towards the plane, which appears when it collided with the plane in the form of a fireball and the second missile also did the same task.

“Sky News” quoted the semi-official Fars News Agency that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards detained the person, who broadcast a video of a missile that hit a Ukrainian plane in Iran last week, announcing that the results of the investigation will be announced.

In a related context, the Martyr and Sacrifice Affairs Foundation, in Iran, announced that the Iranian victims in the accident of the Ukrainian passenger plane crash are martyrs.

According to the Fars News Agency, according to the announcement of the Martyr and Victims ’Affairs Foundation in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Iranian victims in the accident of the Ukrainian plane crashes are by virtue of the martyrs and that the Martyr Foundation announced that among the legal duties towards these victims is their burial in the piece designated for the martyrs.

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