A new video may change the course of the murder case in Nancy Ajram’s house


Conflicting news is being reported by the media regarding the case of the attempt to steal the house of actress Nancy Ajram, the latest of which was statements by the mother of the dead man stating that he was defenseless.

But in the last hours, artistic websites and a documented account of Nancy Ajram’s fans on Instagram published a new video that might change the course of the case, the details of which have been confused.

In the video posted by the Instagram page “Nancy Ajram Lovers”, a video taken by the surveillance cameras appears, showing the suspect’s face, Mohammed Al-Mousa, carrying on his waist what appears to be a pistol.

Lebanese media had published a video a few days ago, documenting Musas entry into the house armed, before Al-Hashim noticed him, and attached him to one of the rooms in the house with a pistol he had in his possession.

After the killing of the young man, a security force arrived at the house located in New Suhaila – Kesrouan (Mount Lebanon Governorate), and the authorities began an investigation into the circumstances of the accident.

On the other hand, the Syrian media quoted a woman named Fatima, the mother of the murdered Mohamed Al-Mousa, as saying that “the footage taken by the surveillance cameras of the accident is fabricated, and there are attempts to cover up what happened.”

And she confirmed that her son, who left Syria 13 years ago to work in Lebanon, “did not need money to steal and also he had no history in Lebanon or elsewhere.”

Al-Mousas mother indicated that her son was killed by 16 bullets, but the video clips did not show many traces of blood, and this number of bullets confirms that the killer was not defending himself but was intending to kill.

There are conflicting reports about the victim’s relationship with the family, as the victim’s family states that he was working for the Nancy Ajram family in the villa and that he came to claim his benefits, not with the aim of theft.

The dead man’s uncle said that Mohammed Al-Musa was working for the singer’s husband, noting that he went to the villa with a “toy pistol” to claim “his late dues,” and added that Nancy’s husband “published the video of the incident after his amendment and deleted some of the scenes condemning it.”

But Nihad Al-Hashem, brother of Fadi, the husband of actress Nancy Ajram, denied that there was any relationship between the dead person and the family.

Lawyer Gabi Germanos, lawyer for the family of the actress Nancy Ajram, also commented on the accusations against the artist’s husband, during a phone conversation with a media outlet, denying that the dead man had worked before with Nancy Ajram and her husband, stressing that they had never known him.

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