A person caught a banjo lit his nephew and documented the video


The security services succeeded in seizing two people for inciting a child to light a cigarette, shoot a video and broadcast it on social media.

And the follow-up monitored the circulation of a video clip on the social networking site “Facebook” in which a child appears while on a street, lighting a “cigarette” containing narcotics “banjo.“.

The Criminal Investigation Department of the Eastern Security Directorate was able to locate the child, “a primary school student, at the age of 7 years, who lives with his mother in the second Zagazig Police Department department for the death of his father.”

And summoning his mother, accompanied by the child, who decided that his uncle, “Moubayed Mahara, resident of the second Zagazig Police Department”, gave him the cigarette, and asked him to light it and photographed it, after one of the persons (a worker, resident of the same address – who was previously accused in one of the cases) prepared it for him.

After the codification of the procedures, it was possible to arrest the accused, and the first possession of the mobile phone used in the photography, and facing them, they confessed to the content of what was said by the child, and added that they committed the incident to give the video clip to his mother and inform her about his use of the narcotic substances, and legal measures were taken..

Article 33 of the Penal Code punishes anyone who engages in trafficking in narcotic substances with life imprisonment, starting from 3 years in prison, to life imprisonment or death in some cases, and a fine of up to 100 thousand Egyptian pounds, and it does not exceed 500 thousand pounds Egyptian, and this is in the event if the drugs or anything related to them from agricultural crops were exported or imported.

The Penal Code also stipulates in Article No. 34 that the penalty for drug trafficking within a society amounts to life imprisonment and execution depending on the facts of the case, and if there are strict grounds for the punishment from the absence of strict conditions for that.

The penalty for drug trafficking is reduced to be imprisoned for a period of one year, and imprisonment in it does not reach 5 years, and a fine of not less than 200 Egyptian pounds and up to 5,000 Egyptian pounds is not required, and this is all in the case if the seized narcotic drugs are poorly anesthetized. Natural narcotics, this is due to the criminal laboratory and a report on narcotic drugs that have been seized and the passport of defendants who have been caught in flagrante delicto..

As for the use of drugs, Article 39 of the Penal Code stipulates that the penalty for drug users is determined, and he is punished with imprisonment for a period of one year, and he is also required to double a fine of one thousand Egyptian pounds, and not exceeding three thousand Egyptian pounds, if he was arrested in a designated place or was Preparing him to take narcotics, and taking narcotic drugs with full knowledge of that, and the penalty increases by twice to reach for two years if the narcotic heroin and cocaine.

The quantity and type of narcotic drugs seized and the tables listed therein, which play a role in the punishment for merchants and heroin addicts, with punishment for cocaine and heroin addict dealers, which are among the substances of the first drug schedule, as they differ from the trade and tablets of “tramadol” and others, which in Often the penalty in these cases does not exceed 3 years’ imprisonment.


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