A problem with NASA’s pioneering helmet while it is in outer space


Christina Koch, a NASA astronaut, faced a problem during her presence outside the International Space Station, where the lights and the camera disintegrated from her helmet, while performing the second female walk in history with her colleague Jessica Meir, which made her complete a mission that lasted more than 7 hours in the outer space without Additional protection, which included ending updates to the space station’s electrical network by replacing old batteries with modern ones.

According to British newspaper “Daily Mail” Jessica Meir and Kristina Koch left the International Space Station yesterday, and after barely half an hour of spacewalking, the helmet camera and lights disintegrated away from it.

The mission console, however, advised women to completely remove the cover-like camera and light group, rather than waste more time trying to attach it.

The astronauts asked if the spacewalk was given the absence of lighting for Coach, and the answer from the console was “Good question, yes, we will continue and we will try to keep you together as possible”, and the astronauts felt comfortable with the news that came with them agreeing to complete the mission.

Jessica Meir and Kristina Koch completed their extracurricular activity in a longer period than planned, as they continued for 7 hours and 29 minutes to replace the batteries, installing new Li-ion batteries in the plant’s exterior structure, replacing the old nickel and hydrogen batteries.


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