A quarrel between Instagram and a number of artists … I know the reason


Instagram application revealed a new algorithm targeting fake and tampered images, which aims to reduce misleading information, and yet this algorithm has caused the distress of many artists and creators, who rely on the application of images owned by Facebook to promote their work, due to restricting the appearance of their images completely.

According to the site The verge The American algorithm, which was introduced by Instagram in December and which was designed to reduce the spread of fake images, began to classify some good content, which was created or modified by artists, and this phenomenon was documented by photographer Toby Harriman who was browsing Instagram when he noticed that the private image It has been restricted due to being considered “incorrect information.”

After clicking on the warning sign that appeared to him, Harriman noticed that the blocked image was not propaganda, but rather a modified rainbow image of multi-colored hills.

The image, originally taken by a photographer named Christopher Hainey and modified by a person named Ramzy El-Masry, was published by a page overseeing the work of artists, and the image in question was marked by a fact-finding website as wrong, causing it to be discovered by the Instagram algorithm, This means that the image was not classified by Instagram because it was tampered with and modified, but rather because it was reported by another fact-finding site.

While this interpretation may calm down artists who fear that Instagram may inadvertently start removing edited content, the The Verge It also indicates that the algorithm may cause artists to escape, if an image of artists on the application is shared enough times, it is possible for the image to be beyond the creator’s control and increase the opportunity to report it as a fake image.

In the event that a fake image is marked, Instagram restrictions all reduce the opportunity for others to view it on the platform.

Instagram said about its position on the decision to filter the content: “We will deal with this content in the same way that we deal with all wrong information on Instagram, and if the third-party fact-checkers mark it as false, then we will filter it from Instagram recommendations such as Explore And rating pages. “


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