A registered risky sexually assaulting his mother after he was released from prison .. The prosecution refers him to a felony


Today, Monday, the District of Ancient Egypt prosecutor ordered the referral of an unemployed (with a criminal record – a dangerous registrar) on charges of sexually assaulting his mother in the ancient region of Egypt, to the criminal court.

Investigations revealed that the accused was imprisoned for one of the cases, and after leaving he went to his mother’s house in the ancient area of ​​Egypt to stay with her, and he visited her at night to sleep from time to time, and on the day of the incident, the accused took a quantity of drugs and sexually assaulted his mother.Investigations indicated that the victim tried to keep up with him, fearing that he would be beaten or beaten with any weapon. After he left the house, she went to the police station and edited the record No. 9820 of 2019 Misdemeanor of Ancient Egypt, and the security services managed to arrest him.

The prosecution had previously ordered the mother and the accused to be brought to the forensic medicine and confirmed the authenticity of the attack, and had also commissioned a blood test for the accused to ensure that he was using the drug.

And it ordered the detectives to conduct their investigations into the accident, and to inquire about the accused from the Mansoura Nasser police station.

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