A Saudi report monitors the “exposure of plot leads” accusing Saudi Arabia of penetrating Bezos phone


A Saudi newspaper has monitored information from the American media, which it considered indicates the beginning of the exposure of the threads of the new conspiracy against Saudi Arabia and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, regarding allegations of hacking into the phone of the founder of Amazon.

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Under the headline “The threads of the conspiracy are unfolding”, the Saudi newspaper “Okaz” drew “a flow of information confirming the extent of fabrication and cheap intrusions against the Kingdom and its leadership.”

One example is the Wall Street Journal revealed that “who leaked pictures and text messages belonging to Bezos and his new girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, to National Inquirer is her brother Michael, who admitted to Fox News that he (made a deal with Satan with the aim of protecting his sister and Bezos.) The newspaper said that Michael obtained $ 200,000 from magazine publishers in exchange for photos and messages.

Okaz cited what was published yesterday by the American “Business Insider” website, where he said: “The fact that the alleged hacking message was sent from an account in the (WhatsApp) application belonging to the Saudi crown prince, does not necessarily mean that he sent it is Prince Muhammad bin Salman.”

And the American news site did not rule out the existence of “a third party who got in a hacked way that allowed him to fabricate an account that put the name of the Crown Prince and sent from him the alleged spy video”, especially that Facebook, the owner of the WhatsApp application, had recognized that there were serious security holes in it.

Another important development is the New York Post yesterday quoting sources who said that “the Attorney General’s Office in the Southern District of New York has not found any evidence to prove Saudi involvement in leaking these pictures from Bezos’ phone.”

Other American newspapers have reported that the United Nations “expert” investigation has not categorically accused Saudi Arabia, even though one of them is Agnes Calamard, known for her hostility to Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi newspaper also quoted the “GBC News” network, that the electronic forensic examination experts at the company “FTI”, did not reach a conclusive conclusion about Bezos’ claims to hack his phone.

The American News Network reported that although American billionaire Jeff Bezos, his newspaper, senior advisers and his private lawyer were behind the bombing of “these lies”, at the same time they “refused to make any statements in this regard.”

In this context, it was mentioned that the American magazine “Wired”, yesterday, quoted a Saudi official as asserting that the Kingdom does not engage in such suspicious activities, and it also does not cover up those who carry out it.

The Saudi newspaper concluded its report by noting that there was a belief that “the private security expert, who was hired by Bezos to determine what happened to his phone, had received $ 4 million for that. However, he had not reached the result that Bezos and his Washington Post wanted.”

Source: Okaz


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