A senior Israeli officer rapes a girl at a military location. Details


The Hebrew newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth revealed today, Wednesday, a rape of a young Israeli woman, inside a military site belonging to the Israeli navy, several months ago. The Hebrew newspaper reported that the military police arrested an officer of the Israeli navy, for raping a girl inside a military post.

The Hebrew newspaper said that the officer, “Binta Luxury”, with the rank of major, 24, raped the young woman inside the site, and also severely assaulted her during the rape.

The newspaper added that the luxury officer, who is of Ethiopian origin, was arrested at the beginning of this week, while he is still in detention, pending the investigation of the case.

The Hebrew newspaper pointed out that the major luxury, who received a certificate of military excellence, from Israeli President Rivlin, in 2017, when he was serving in the paratroopers.

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