A ship found in Bermuda Triangle .. It disappeared with its crew 100 years ago .. Video


A team of marine archaeologists found a ship in the Bermuda Triangle that disappeared with all its crew about 100 years ago.

According to Fox News, the commercial ship SS Cotopaxi left Charleston Harbor (South Carolina) on November 29, 1925 for Cuba. After some time, the ship disappeared with all the crew. The search for “SS Cotopaxi” formed the basis for the first episode of the series “Secrets of Sinking” on “Channel Channel”.

The “Channel Channel” television channel, for its part, explained: “Studying the records of the insurance agent at SS Cotopaxi, helped to prove facts that were not previously known: The ship sent distress signals on December 1, 1925, two days after leaving. Charleston Harbor. ”

This information prompted researchers to the idea that the ship, which was found 35 years ago off the coast of St. Augustine in Florida, is the same ship “SS Cotopaxi”.

“The Science Channel” said in its official statement: “After discussing and reviewing all available evidence, we reached the conclusion that we found the last resort of the SS Cotopaxi ship.”

The Bermuda Triangle is located on the west coast of the Atlantic Ocean between the state of Florida, the Bermuda Islands and Puerto Rico. In this anomaly, for reasons that are not clear, aircraft and ships are often lost.

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