A shocking story in the life of a famous Egyptian artist .. that caused this man to be paralyzed and then to die


Two days ago, she witnessed the death of a famous Egyptian artist, who was calm and simple, but her life was not really like this.The artist, Laila Fawzi, was deported on January 13, 2005 after a struggle with the disease in Dar Al Fouad Hospital.

Laila Fawzy had a funny story with her sister’s husband, as she was a student in
The Rijsir Qassem Wajdi School for the Selection of Young Faces has been nominated for a new film.

Laila indicated in an old interview that her candidacy for work in art did not amount to a husband
Her sister, who was a wealthy senior, considered working in art a disgrace.

She said that “Qasim Wajdi” went to her father to convince him of her work in art, and he took advantage of that
The latter began to surround him with bankruptcy, tempting him with money, but her sister’s husband was interfering
And raises the price to prevent her entering the art until he finally won.

And she continued: Qasim and my grandfather did not give up and went to my sister’s husband trying to convince him, but my sister’s husband considered it
Regiser, going to his house, insulted him, and he did a lot of loud voice until he was hit
Paralyzed and then died, and I still feel guilty about him and my sister.


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