A slight decline .. Gold prices today, Tuesday, January 28, 2020 in Al-Sagha shops


With the fall of an ounce of gold globally, the price of gold today recorded a new drop of about one pound on all gold bullets on Tuesday. It is worth noting that the price of gold has recorded during the Monday’s transactions a significant increase of 7 pounds per gram per batch, and the yellow metal is currently witnessing many fluctuations Suddenly, the rise and fall coincides with the current price of an ounce of gold, which recorded $ 1578.

We follow up with you moment by moment in the price of gold in Egypt for the various bullets of gold, and after the most recent decline in the 24-gram record for 793 pounds, while the 21-karat best-selling record in Egypt valued at 694 pounds, the pound recorded the gold that weighs 8 grams of 21-karat category with a value of 5552 pounds, and finally Record 18 g for 594 pounds without workmanship.

UnitGram price in pounds
24 caliber793
21 caliber694
Pound of gold5552
An ounce of gold1578 dollars

The price of gold today

With the fluctuations in the price of gold from time to time according to the statistics on the price of yellow globally, we follow with you in an instantaneous manner all gold bullets prices through the following table and it is updated automatically with any new change.

Average gold prices today at Al Sagha stores in Egypt without workmanship
UnitThe price of gold in Egyptian pounds
24 caliber791 to 793
22 caliber725 to 727
21 caliber692 to 694
18-gauge593 to 595
Caliber 14461 to 463
12-gauge395 to 397
The ounce24,596 to 24,667
Pound of gold5,536 to 5,552
Kilo790,857 to 793,143
Gold prices may vary from one goldsmith to another

Gold prices in Saudi Arabia

All gold bullets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia fell very slightly according to the latest price of an ounce, as 24 karat recorded 190.51 riyals compared to 190.72 riyals in transactions yesterday, and the pound recorded gold against the Saudi riyal 1334 riyals, while the ounce recorded 5925 riyals.

Average gold prices today in the financial markets in Saudi Arabia in Saudi riyals
UnitSRAmerican dollar
24k gold prices190.54 SAR$ 50.79
The price of 22 carat gold174.67 SAR$ 46.56
21k gold price166.73 SAR$ 44.45
18k gold price142.91 SAR$ 38.10
14k gold price111.15 SAR$ 29.63
The price of gold 12 carat95.27 SAR$ 25.40
Gold price per ounce5,926 riyals$ 1,580
Prices of gold pounds1,334 SAR$ 355.57
Kilo gold prices190,543 riyals$ 50,794
The latest update of gold prices today in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, January 28, 2020 01:55 PM Saudi Arabia time

The update is done automatically, knowing that the prices do not include the workmanship value.


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