A source for “Yalla Koura”: a tendency to break the contract of an al-Ahly foreigner


Al-Ahly club is going to break the contract with one of its foreign players in the coming days, in order to sign a new foreign player.

Yalla Koura learned from his sources in Al-Ahly Club that the Red Castle administration is currently studying the termination of the contract with one of the foreign players, and this may happen during the next few days.

There were reports that the departure of Angolan Geraldo or Moroccan Walid Azzaro was approaching, especially in light of coach Rene Fyler’s desire to support the ranks with a foreign player, particularly at the offensive level.

A source in Al-Ahly revealed in the past few days that the Raphael Vienna player, Senator Alio Badji, is the favorite to join the team during the current winter transfer period.

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