A source in Al-Ahly reveals to Alliu Badji’s salary tournaments, the duration of his contract and the cost of the deal


A source revealed at the club Al-Ahly, On the details of the contract with Alio Badji, striker of the Austrian team Rapid Vienna, during the current winter transfers.

Al-Ahly ended its agreement with Senegalese striker Alio Badji to annex it, and the deal is expected to be announced within the next few hours. See details here.

The source explained in exclusive statements to “Championships”: “The Alliu Badji deal cost the club 2 million dollars.”

He continued: “It will be paid over two years, and the player will get 700 thousand dollars in the season.”

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He concluded: “The player signed his transfer contracts for Al-Ahly for four and a half seasons.”

It is noteworthy that Al-Ahly included Mahmoud Abdel Moneim as an electrician for 4 and a half seasons in his first winter deals.


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