A source reveals details of the proposed hygiene fee after it is canceled from electricity bills


Hamzah: July increase before the last in preparation for the liberalization of electricity prices in 2022 .. And Shaker: the last bill for the cleaning fees coming next June
Sources: Fees from 10 to 30 pounds .. and assigning their collection to the Ministry of Environment

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity, Ayman Hamza, said that the ministry represented by the 9 distribution companies will issue bills next July, without adding cleaning fees to the bills, which coincide with the announcement of the price of new increases for the electricity strips.Hamza added, “Al-Shorouk”, that the increase expected to be announced during next June, is the penultimate increase in preparation for the liberalization of electricity sale prices and the lifting of subsidies permanently from 2022, noting that the Ministry of Environment will take over the collection of garbage from homes through its subsidiaries, As it has not yet been revealed how to deal between cleaning companies and citizens.

Electricity Minister Mohamed Shaker said during the Energy Committee meeting in the House of Representatives yesterday that there have been continuous attempts for 4 years, not to charge the cleaning fees on the electricity bill, and finally we have reached a resolution of the issue, and that the month of June of this year will be the exit of the last electricity bill for citizens It includes cleaning fees.

He explained: “We are convinced of this logic of separating hygiene from electricity, as the cleaning fees collected during the period from July 1, 2018 to June 30 last reached 566 billion pounds, 562 billion pounds were supplied to the governorates, and 97% of this money was supplied to cleaning companies , And 3% go administrative expenses. ”

An official source at the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company revealed that the nine electricity companies at the republic level calculate the first 50 kilowatt hours per month at about 30 piasters per kilowatt hour, and the segment consumed from 51 to 100 kilowatt hours per hour is accounted for about 30 piasters for 50 kilowatts, and any kilowatts / An hour after this consumption is accounted for 40 piasters, while starting from the consumption of 200 kilowatt hours per month, the kilowatt hour is calculated at 50 piasters, and the value increases according to consumption.

The source said to “Al-Shorouk”, that the electricity companies will not get into the bills starting from the new increases in next July, except for the “3-pound supply stamp that the domestic consumer pays in January of each year, in addition to 10 piasters a resource development fee. As for the fee The governorate is 0.01 piasters for each bill, and it is paid for the governorate.

He explained that there is a proposal that included increasing the cleaning fees according to the monthly consumption of the participants, and paying the counterpart for cleaning the streets and neighborhoods in which each participant lives, but the Minister of Electricity’s assignment of the collection of cleaning fees to the Ministry of Environment ended on that proposal.

The last period witnessed intense meetings and unannounced meetings that the Minister of Electricity held with the Minister of Environment, Yasmine Fouad, to reach an agreement and an official mechanism on assigning the collection of cleaning fees to the Ministry of Environment instead of the Ministry of Electricity.

A source told “Al-Shorouk” that the meetings came after the Ministry of Environment presented a new proposal that includes collecting cleaning fees instead of electricity, indicating that the ministry is currently studying the proposal, and the final touches are being put to this study through the assumption of a private company affiliated with the Ministry of Environment, and coordination between the ministry with Governors at the level of the Republic, or the order of the Ministry of Military Production, especially as it is currently setting up factories to recycle garbage.

He explained that some of the governors expressed approval of the proposal through the Ministry of Environment, which is expected to use or contract with a new company that undertakes the collection of garbage from the streets or homes and other public and private facilities.

The source said that the proposal or the study is in the consultation stage and there was no agreement on the final details, and the announcement of the details will be upon the completion of the study, explaining that the proposal included the collection of fees according to residential gatherings, and starts from 10 pounds, and reaches 30 pounds, for areas of compounds and villas.

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