A specialized Android site admits .. For these reasons you have to own an iPhone


The Android Authority website, which specializes in the Android operating system, the main competitor to the iOS system from Apple, has published an article enumerating the features of this system that excels on Android.

The site said in its report that we can name a large number of reasons why Android outperforms the Apple mobile operating system, because Android system from Google is more open, valuable and diverse. But if Android is so much better, what makes IOS users addicted to iPhones and iPads?

While many argue that the acquisition of Apple devices is just a love of the brand and a way to show social class, we believe the reasons go beyond that.

We are tech lovers, before anything else. We have to accept that there are some things that IOS do better than Android, according to the site.

Here, the site reviews a number of features that excel by the Apple system.

1- Faster and smoother system
The author of the report says that after using both platforms daily for years, he can say that he faced fewer pauses and slowdowns when using IOS compared to Android, the performance is one of the things that Apple outperforms the Android system most of the time.

It may seem silly given the current specifications of Android devices, iPhone 11 Pro Max is currently the most powerful smartphone from Apple, and it features a six-core CPU with 4 GB of RAM, but these specifications are considered average at best in the current Android world.

But we really tend to pay attention to the specifications, and often forget to look at what is more important, and the performance does not come only from the strong specifications.

Whether or not the Apple processors are better, the important thing is to optimize the operating system to work perfectly with the few Apple devices (Reuters)

Whether or not the Apple processors are better or not, what matters most is the development of the iOS to work perfectly with the few devices that Apple makes, at a time when Android is working on a sea of ​​smartphones, tablets and other products.

Thus, it is up to the various phone manufacturers to improve the Android system to adapt to their devices, and they sometimes fail in this area.

The compatibility and synchronization system of Apple is working on a more stringent integration in the area of ​​compatibility between the operating system and devices, which is why iPhones do not need super-powerful specifications to overcome advanced Android phones.

The software and hardware specifications are integrated so that they perform tasks efficiently and quickly according to the available specifications, and Apple controls production from start to finish, so it can make sure that resources are used more efficiently.

But this does not mean that all IOS devices can outperform all Android devices, as the Android world contains a lot of options, as some Android phones combine the good specifications of the devices and the amazing performance of the applications.

2- A very easy system
The report says that while Google and its companies are improving to make Android easier, the fact is that it’s still a bit confusing.

The lack of consistency between the makers of the different phones that use the system creates an educational curve necessary to get used to the system, where most Android phones seem different from each other, while Apple fans love the simplicity of their operating system, and it can be said that it is one of the things that excels the iOS On Android.

Apple fans love the simplicity of its device’s operating system (American Press)

Many iPhone fans don’t want a phone that they can tamper with and customize, they want a device that works well and is easy to use and can deliver their content with minimal effort; this is what can be expressed as “just working.”

With IOS, you can get master pages that contain rows and columns of icons, and you can organize them to your liking, all in front of you, and the experience is always the same, regardless of whether you use an iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro or any Another phone from Apple.

The user experience of the IOS operating system is intuitive enough to do without the almost “educational curve”.

The writer says I saw Children who have never used an Apple smartphone discover the basics in about 15 minutes. Likewise, if you already own an iOS device, you can switch to any other device and see how it works automatically.

3- Updates in time
Software updating is definitely one of the things iOS does better than Android.

If the iOS device is eligible for the latest update, it will get it as soon as it is launched, while the update process is not smooth with Android from Google, as Google only provides direct updates to its products, such as Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL.

As for other manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony and Motorola, they should wait for the update and work on it and improve it to fit their devices and then send it to users, ensuring that you get updates late, sometimes after months or years.

4- iPhone iPad and Mac .. The best Apple harmonic system
Apple products – such as the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch and Mac – are tightly integrated with iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime and other internal services.

Although Google has its very competitive services that work very well, it needs more practice to get used to it, as it does not feel closely related to the Android system.

Apple products – such as iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, etc. – integrate seamlessly with iCloud, iMac, Fiesta and other internal services (Reuters)

However, some applications required to access basic Google services are not pre-installed, forcing users to search for them on the Google Store. This may not seem like a great feature for most of us users interested in technology, but it can be a daunting task for some, or at least a nuisance.

And when it comes to app stores, the Apple store is better – in terms of care and organization – than Google’s store.

Developers looking to publish their apps on the Apple App Store should see a long and expensive list of checks and procedures, but the end result is a net increase in the overall quality of iOS apps.

The design of the Apple store is generally more attractive and the ads are lower, and it provides great additional features such as interviews, guides, better app listings, and more.

5- Apple’s security is better
Although Google security updates have become more consistent, but the general consensus is still giving Apple the upper hand in this area.

The IOS system contains more consistent updates for all devices, a closed compromise system that is difficult to penetrate, and the Apple application store is more strict. All of these factors combined make it difficult for attackers to target IOS users.

6- Technical support is superior
The AppleCare hardware and service support program can be expensive, but it makes warranty and insurance claims for IOS devices easy and efficient.

If you have a local authorized Apple store, you can often come up with a brand new device in less than an hour as well.

There are also large numbers of employees ready to assist you with any purchase or problem, and they have time to teach you how to use Apple devices.

There are large numbers of employees ready to assist you with any purchase or problem with Apple (Getty Images)

Having an IOS phone or tablet definitely surpasses competitors if you encounter a problem with the device, as you do not need to go through telecommunications companies, search for strange customer service phone numbers, fill out forms online, or send messages Fax, or just wait long periods of time to talk to a robot, or wait weeks just to repair or replace your device.

7- Better value when reselling
This is not exactly one of the things that has to do with the performance of the operating system, but it is a market advantage for Apple over most of its competitors from mobile devices, usually iPhone, iPad and other Apple products retain their value much better than Android products, and this means that they can be sold when the time comes to switch Devices.

Apple products are very popular, and iPhone, iPad and other Apple products usually keep their value better than Android products.

In the end, Android Authority states that it never says that the iOS operating system is completely better than Android, as Google’s operating system has the benefits that the site writes about every day.

However, we must keep everything in its proper perspective, and realize that there are some things that IOS works better than Android, and there is always room for improvement, as Google can learn a thing or two from the giant Apple, according to the same site.


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