A strong blow to Turkey .. Experts reveal: What does it mean France to join Mint?


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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Books – Muhammad Sami:

Military experts and analysts considered that France’s request to join the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Alliance is a new strong blow to Turkey, which is trying to harass some of the coalition countries and impose a fait accompli policy regarding gas exploration.

Major-General Samir Faraj, former director of the Department of Moral Affairs, said that the French request is very good, and will support the coalition significantly against Turkey and its continuing efforts to antagonize the coalition members and harass them regionally. He stressed that the accession of France would give the alliance a strength that would prevent Turkey from approaching some countries, especially Cyprus.

The Ministry of Petroleum announced today, Thursday, France’s official request to join the East Mediterranean Gas Forum. She added in a press statement that the Deputy Assistant US Secretary of Energy also expressed his country’s desire to join the forum as a permanent observer, during the third ministerial meeting of the forum held on Thursday in Cairo.

Faraj said in a special statement to Masrawy that France, by participating in this alliance, would have economic interests, which would make Turkey’s position difficult.

In turn, Brigadier Samir Ragheb, President of the Arab Foundation for Strategic Studies, affirmed that France’s position from the beginning is politically and diplomatically aligned with Egypt and the UAE, and their position in support of the Libyan National Army, as well as support for the position of Egypt, Cyprus and Greece against the border demarcation agreement signed by Libya with France.

He added: Clearly and frankly, France announced that it is against the transfer of terrorists to Libya and the Turkish ambition in the region, noting that France’s presence in the Eastern Mediterranean Forum gives it a legal status in speaking and defending the members of the forum, especially as it is not a party to the Maritime Boundary Agreement.

He said: Now she can speak on behalf of the forum in the Security Council as a permanent member of the council, in addition to that she will benefit from the process of transporting gas to Europe through the forum.

Ragheb played down the importance of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s recent statements about his country starting drilling in the Mediterranean and transporting soldiers to Libya. He said: Turkey’s response to signing the Mediterranean Gas Agreement with Erdogan’s permission to start exploration based on the agreement he signed with the Fayez al-Sarraj government, in an attempt to impose a policy The fait accompli and confirming an illegal situation trying to create.

He believed that Erdogan’s official announcement of sending soldiers to Libya is only an attempt to give a message that he is continuing to escalate against those who stand against his ambitions in the region.

Ragheb stressed that in the event of escalation, the European Union will take sides with France, Cyprus and Greece, and they are at the same time members of the East Mediterranean Gas Forum. In the event of exacerbation, it is possible that the European Union will file complaints against Turkey in the Security Council and implement the provisions of Chapter VII of the Charter United Nations, and sanctions.

He added: If this step is taken by the European Union, you will not find resistance or objection with the permanent members of the Security Council.

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