A surprise in the case of accusing a father of rape of his 9-year-old daughter .. The girl is a virgin – accidents


Al-Shorouk Prosecution received the 24-year-old forensic report of “Nadia A.,” who lives in Al-Shorouk, and accused her father and brother of raping her for 9 years.

The report revealed that “Nadia” is still a virgin, and she was not raped, and sex has not been done with her from behind, in addition to the investigations of the mabahith that cleared the accused of raping her. Immediately, the Public Prosecution ordered the release of her father and brother from the prosecution companies without a guarantee.

The Sherouk Police Commissioner had received a communication from Nadia A. (24 years) accusing her father, “Othman H.” (55 years old – sentry) and her brother, Mahmoud (22 years), of perpetuating a full sexual assault on her for 9 years since She was at the age of fifteen, the age at which her mother died, as the assault began on the part of her father.

After the codification of the procedures, the two defendants were arrested and brought before the Public Prosecution, but they denied the accusation, so the Public Prosecution decided to present the girl to forensic medicine to explain the extent of her rape and the defamation of the offer, or the detective quickly assigned her investigations into the incident and revealed her circumstances, then decided to imprison the defendants for four days and the imprisonment was renewed Until the forensic report was received to confirm the accused’s words and absolve them.

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