A surprise in the case of Nancy Ajram’s theft of the villa … The deceased’s residency document reveals the truth


The issue of attempting to steal the villa of the Lebanese actress Nancy Ajram is still a recent social networking site in the Arab world, given the popularity of the overwhelming star that it has formed since its appearance on the scene at the beginning of the new millennium. The incident in the New Suhayla region in Lebanon, at dawn on Sunday, January 5 | January 2020, and ended with Nancy Ajram’s husband, Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem, killing the thief with live bullets after they exchanged fire inside the villa, which was considered by the Lebanese prosecution as a case of self-defense and his family (the wife and the three sons are: Mila, Ella, Lee), and after A decision was issued by the competent authorities to remand him in custody pending investigations, the Lebanese authorities released Nancy Ajram’s husband on Tuesday, January 7 | January 2020, after investigations and the recordings monitored by villa surveillance cameras have been completed, before being recalled again on Saturday, January 11 | January 2020, with the aim of interrogating him again and asking him about the circumstances of the incident and accusing him of rigging a video clip unloading his villa cameras and his wife, the famous artist.

Residence document for the murder of Nancy Ajram’s villa

Surprise in the case of theft of Nancy Ajram's villa .. The deceased's residency document reveals the truth 1

During the past hours, the pioneers of social networking sites shared a picture of the document of the residence of a murdered man, Nancy Ajram, and the image spread suddenly and quickly to carry exciting personal data for the Syrian Mohamed Hassan Al-Mousa, who is 33 years old, and some believed that the document would be considered by Lebanese law in favor of Nancy Ajram’s husband Doctor Fadi Al-Hashem, as it appeared in the temporary residence of the dead that Lebanon offers to Syrian nationals, that it has expired and irregular since September | Last September of 2019, which indicates that the dead man was not entitled to work in Lebanese territory, whether in the house of Nancy Ajram and her husband or others, and thus the document denies the victim’s family’s claim that he was working in the house of Nancy Ajram.

The developments of the case of theft of Nancy Ajram’s villa

Some also compared the photo of the dead man in the document and his image that appeared in a video of his appearance in his face in one of the videos published by MTV before wearing the mask, and a third image previously attributed to him and confirmed by his family, and it was found that there is a match in the features in terms of the length of the nose and lower jaw, which confirms that it is Pictures of the same person.

A surprise in the case of theft of Nancy Ajram's villa ... The deceased's residency document reveals the truth 2


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