A Syrian actor wishes that his daughters were not created – photo


The Syrian pro-Syrian representative, Adnan Abu al-Shamat, did not stand by the Syrian opposition by destroying his homeland or by stepping down Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and refused to be a subordinate to the country and was patriot par excellence.

He surprised everyone when he wished that his daughters were not created and came to this world full of injustice and brutality, but he spoke about the cause.

And he said: “Im I regretted something important that I installed in my life, because I was the reason why my daughters came to this world, not because I don’t love them but because I love them so much and I fear them from this brutal world.”

What Adnan said, every father says he is afraid for his daughters at a time when love is absent and has become brutal and criminal.

What Adnan Abu Shamat said
What Adnan Abu Shamat said


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