A technology expert reveals ways to secure social media accounts from theft


07:33 PM

Wednesday 15 January 2020

Books – Moataz Abbas:

Karim Maher, a technology expert on social media, revealed ways to secure personal accounts on social media from penetration, after the widespread theft of accounts during the recent period, which reached the penetration of personal phones and know the locations of the person’s coordinates via GPS.

“Maher” said, in radio statements, to Radio Egypt Station, today, Wednesday, that with regard to securing personal accounts on social networking sites, it is to follow a number of steps, or adhere to special instructions, from which email must be secured in the beginning, using “Gmail” and not ” Yahoo Mail, “because it is stronger in terms of insurance and difficult to penetrate, besides not placing the primary e-mail in the data available for followers, and the matter is similar with regard to the phone number, it should not be registered by e-mail, and the need not to respond to unidentified users through direct messages and not via e-mail.

And about the accounts that are stolen, he added that there are some fraudsters who have relationships with mobile companies who withdraw the number by some means to change the password and steal the account, so insurance must be done by placing an unregistered phone number.

He pointed out that celebrities resort to “Instagram” to address a specific category only, while users in Egypt depend mainly on it, so the estimated percentage comes to 40% for its users, while the percentage of use for “Facebook” sites is 40%, and “Twitter” is about 20 %, While Arab users are interested in Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter, and it comes at the end of the Facebook list.

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