A waterfall defies gravity and its waters flow upward


A waterfall defies gravity and its waters flow upward

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A waterfall defies gravity and sends its water upward

An eyewitness recorded incredible moments in which water from a waterfall flowing upward, in a rare phenomenon in which seawater formed a vortex that climbed to the top along the wall of the abyss.

Sami Jacobsen, 41, was able to capture these amazing moments, as he walked along the slopes of Suðuroy on Faroe Island, and saw how a swirl of water climbed up the slope.

Jacobsen watched the vortex of water that climbed up the slope wall known as Beinisvørð, which reached a height of about 470 meters, and crept to the top.

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Meteorologists said, this amazing phenomenon is a high-rise water, a column of air mixed with water in the form of a vortex vertical cloud block, which is formed like a hurricane over the water when the edge of the cliff runs the wind in a circle.

Sami pointed out that in the vicinity there are many small rivers that defy gravity in stormy conditions, and a lot of sea water rushes upward to reach the summit.

“This is a spectacular phenomenon,” said Greg Dehorst, chief meteorologist. “For us here at the center of operations, it looks like a water towering (or water column), which is somewhat similar to a hurricane but is forming over water.”

“The edge of the abyss helps to wind the wind, and we think this is why it is forming so quickly.”

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