A woman in front of the “family”: My husband is beating the judgments of the wall


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In front of the Family Dispute Resolution Office in Cairo, the young mother came to ask for help from those who can stand by her and her two young children, after she narrowed the paths in order to obtain her right, despite the fact that she had taken all legal methods, until she reached the end of it, and obtained a court ruling against her “ex-wife” to compel him Paying the alimony of the two girls, and another ruling to pay the alimony who refrained from paying it for several months, during which she tasted the torture so that she could spend on her two children, while the father was busy ending the preparations for his second marriage.

Root «M. A »The details of her story for“ Al-Masry Al-Youm ”and the members of the settlement office, and she started her conversation saying: I got married 8 years ago and gave birth to my daughter 6 years and 4 years, and my life was quiet, only a small problem that we overcome with understanding and friendliness .. Until my life turned upside down after exposure My older sister in a road accident and her husband and their husband died in that accident, leaving a little girl older than my old daughter a few years, suddenly destiny wrote to her to deprive her parents without warning.

I took the “orphan” child to live with me after I vowed to be like a girl, there is no difference between them in anything, but destiny again did not give me the opportunity to wake up from the shock of the death of my sister and her husband until my mother fell prey to the malignant disease and attacked her fiercely, then he entered with her in a new cycle of The trouble of treatment with his troubles at all levels.

And the young mother adds: My heart did not accept me to leave my mother alone in her house so I asked my husband for permission to stay with her and my daughter and my sister’s daughter even during the first period of treatment, for fear of any special complications, and that chemotherapy was exhausting her sick body and doubling her pain after every time she takes It has its dose.

Less than 8 months have passed since my mother fell ill and lived with her, and if I receive the biggest shock when I talk to my husband by phone and tell him that I decided to go home to keep my mother’s care, but periodically, my husband’s response was a “catastrophe” that my listeners couldn’t believe, even I thought that He jokes with me at the beginning, he told me to stay with my mother because he married a new wife after he told me a text that “I don’t see what works for me and I don’t remain so lost.”

And she adds: Less than a week, my husband divorced me officially after he told me that I had no right to the apartment, but the ugliest thing was that he got married to “my clothes and my brushes.”

Not a few months have passed since the divorce, and my husband did not send his two daughters one pound to their expenses, as if he forgot that he had a father with two children, and when I asked him for their expenses he refused, on the pretext that I blackmailed him to obtain expenses for the daughter of my orphan sister “and I want to laugh at him and take his money.”

My journey in the courts started until I got a 500-month monthly alimony for the two girls, although he worked in a respectable job in a telecommunications company, but he presented to the court papers stating that he had finished his work with him, and that he worked for a simple import and export company from which he did not get more than 1,800 pounds. Despite that, he refrained from implementing it and did not send anything for more than a year, after which I filed a lawsuit for expenses to obtain these sums for that period, and I obtained a ruling in my favor, but also to no avail, so I came today to the court again, maybe I find someone to help me to get the right Two girls whose father refuses to spend on them even by the force of law.

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