A worker throws his wife’s body in the street after her death in an attempt to “abort”


05:56 PM

Tuesday 14 January 2020

Books – Mohamed El-Sawy:

Security forces at the Cairo Security Directorate arrested a worker accused of causing his wife’s death after he tried to abort her.

Al-Nuzha Police Department received a report from the families stating that they found the body of a woman in the third decade, lying in a street in the Al-Nuzha area.

By examining the surveillance cameras surrounding the site of the find, it was found that an unknown person had dumped the body and escaped;

By preparing the necessary ambushes, the accused was seized, and by discussing him, he confessed to committing the condom, as he affirmed that when he learned of his wife’s pregnancy, he persuaded her of the necessity of “abrogating” him, and in fact he tried to abort with his knowledge, but she was dead, then he feared arresting him, so he thought in the mind of the idea of ​​throwing her on the street.

A report of the incident was edited and sent to the Public Prosecution for investigation.

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