Abdel-Ghani: He is ready to solve the Salah crisis … and this is what made him angry


Magdy Abdel-Ghani, a former member of the Board of Directors of the Football Association and president of the Professional Players Association, expressed his willingness to solve the crisis of Mohamed Salah, the star of the Egyptian team and Liverpool, with Gabalaya.

Abdel Ghani, hosted by the “Match” program via “Echo Al Balad” channel on Tuesday evening, said: “He is ready to go to Mohamed Salah and transfer his requests to the Football Association.”

He added: “My relationship with Mohamed Salah is very strong and I know that his requests are not exaggerated because he is modest and loves his country and gave a lot to the national team in Egypt.”

He continued: “If I am asked, I will intervene to solve the crisis of Mohamed Salah with the Football Association due to my presidency of the Professional Players Association, especially since he is my friend on a personal level.”

He continued: “When I saw Salah for the first time, I was surprised by his shortness and bullies, and I talked to Mohamed Sheha, the players’ agent, but he replied to me that he would be the best player in Egypt.”

He continued: “My view of Salah changed when I saw his goal with the contractors in the Al-Ahly goal, where he scored it came with great skill.”

He stressed: “For the first time in the history of Egypt, we have a player like Mohamed Salah in terms of numbers. I know that some of the hired people will not like my talk, but this is the truth in numbers.”

He explained: “We want to solve the crisis, Salah is free with what he does through his personal account on Instagram, and he informed me after his absence from the Best in Africa concert that he refused to be there without revealing his justifications.”

He stressed: “Salah’s crisis is represented in what happened in the nations of Africa, where he was angered by the lack of discipline in the residence hotel, I think that the presence of any representative of the Football Association inside the camp would have resolved many crises.”

He concluded by saying: “My legend in the World Cup is not over, especially since the goal I scored in 1990 achieved a point for Egypt, unlike Salah’s goals in the World Cup in Russia, where we lost all matches.”


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