Abeer asks to take off.


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Wednesday 22 January 2020

Fatima Adel wrote:

Abeer filed a divorce suit against her husband before the Family Court in Heliopolis, justifying her request with “Josie Belbis T-shirts with his name and phone number written on it.”

In her lawsuit No. 2170 of 2019, the thirtieth girl says: She got married to a clothing manufacturer, after a year and a half of love, after she got acquainted with him inside a club, and she happened more than once, and then friendship turned into a love story between us.

“Abeer” added: “I did not know the strange personality of my husband until after marriage, so my husband is competing with the girls he wants to talk to via his phone number on his t-shirts, until it came to his friend’s closest relationship that caused him a scandal in the middle that we live in; after His shameful behavior. “

The wife recounts moments that made her lose confidence in her husband, saying: “After 5 months of our marriage, I noticed a severe change in my husband’s behavior. He tells some of his friends that I am his sister or his cousin, which forced me to leave the house and go with my family.”

“Abeer” continued, “I waited for my father’s return from travel and offered him what my husband does, and he was not convinced until after he saw his phone number on his clothes, and my father tried to put a solution to what was happening and offered him a divorce; but my husband refused unless he gave up my dues.”

She concluded: I had no choice but to go to a personal status advisor, and then I went to the family court, and filed a dislocation suit; and it is still a pending case that has not yet been decided.

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