Accept the veto of the Egyptian engineer, Ali Abu Al Qasim, who is condemned to death


02:50 PM

Wednesday 15 January 2020

Books – Muhammad Sami:

Ibtisam Salameh, the wife of the Egyptian engineer Ali Abu al-Qasim, who is sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia for bringing drugs, said that the Supreme Court in Saudi Arabia notified her today of accepting her husband’s veto, and opened investigations again in the first district court in the Kingdom.

She added, in a special statement to “Masrawy,” that the six accused of poking drugs for her husband before traveling to Saudi Arabia were arrested and referred to the criminal trial that determined the February 1 hearing to hear the case.

And I continued: I thank the President of the Republic, President Abdel-Fattag el-Sisi, because his intervention in the case contributed to achieving justice and speeding up procedures. She also thanked the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its judiciary for achieving justice.

The Ministry of Immigration and Egyptians’ Affairs Abroad issued a statement last October to respond to inquiries regarding the case of Engineer Ali Abulkasem. The ministry said that in response to the inquiries it received and the allegations that spread on social media, by claiming that the Egyptian state did not interfere with its devices to support the engineer’s case, or claiming the sentence was suspended, it confirms that all these news are completely false from the truth.

The Ministry affirmed that the Egyptian state, with all its concerned bodies, has not and will spare no effort in relation to this issue and other issues related to the provisions of retribution or execution abroad.

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