Address the problem of poor network in the phone in this way


Many smart phone users suffer from problems of weak signal of the cellular network in their phones, so what are the best ways to address these problems? Settings menu in the phone settings, then the networks option, then press Reset, then Reset Network Settings.

According to Russia Today’s website, one of the steps that can also be taken to restore the signal strength of the cellular and wireless networks in the phone is to switch to the “Airplane Mode”, then wait for about 30 seconds and then restore the normal working mode of the phone again.

It is also advised that in case of losing the network in the phone or discovering its weak signals, it is necessary to do the process of rebooting the device, as this process activates the ability of signal components and receivers in cellular devices at times, and experts also recommend putting smart phones away from TV screens and electronic devices in the home or office, the radiation and frequencies that These devices often affect the wireless signals received by the phone.

It is noteworthy that the US-based investment banking and financial services company Goldman Sachs expects to charge approximately 200 million smart phones equipped with 5G services during the current year 2020, an increase of about 20 times over sales for 2019.

It is estimated that there will be about one million new 5G base stations in China this year, which is higher than the original 600,000 prediction by Goldman Sachs.

An earlier report from Nikkei Asian Review also revealed that Apple plans to ship an estimated 80 million iPhone 5G phones, as the company has high expectations for the iPhone 5G, which is rumored to launch in 2020.

It is expected that the phone will come in three versions and will contain a new processor designed by Qualcomm, and while 5G is still an emerging standard, Apple will not be the first smartphone manufacturer to launch the 5G phone.


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