Adel Imam’s grandson speaks for the first time: “My grandfather is my first supporter.”


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In a meeting on the MBC4 screen, on the mbc trending program, Adel Ramy, the grandson of the leader, Adel Imam, spoke about his studies in the field of directing and acting, after publishing his first step in this field through a short film through his official channel on the video site “The YouTube”.

Adel said that the short film he directed was a university project and he used his friend from the school to act in it, and his brother until he released the film, which took two days.

The leader’s grandson revealed that his father, director Rami Imam, when he decided to publish a video of him, this decision was difficult for his father, because he would have preferred to keep his children away from the media and anything he publishes through his accounts on social media platforms.

Adel confirmed that his father Rami was one of the ones who taught him the basics of directing, noting that he learned from him and his grandfather as he went with them to the lotion during filming, and revealed that his grandfather, leader Imam Akbar, was his supporter and that he taught him many things, including self-confidence.

As for the opinion of the artist Adel Imam in the movie he directed, he said that he was the last person to watch it because he was afraid of his reaction, but he admired and encouraged him.


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