Africa is under control .. The Pharaohs are topple the Carthage Eagles and crown the tears


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Sunday 26 January 2020

Follow-up – Mohamed Mostafa:

The Egyptian handball team achieved a great victory against Tunisia 27-27, in the final of the African Handball Championship at the Palais des Sports de Rades.

The crowning of the title gave the Egyptian team the pass directly to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, while the Tunisian and Algerian national teams play the qualifying accessory for the Olympics.

The Egyptian team achieved its seventh championship in its history, equaling the number of Algeria, while the Tunisian championships stopped at 10 championships.

The match witnessed riots two minutes before the end of the match, and two Egyptian players were injured, leaving the team to leave the hall, before returning and completing the last seconds to end the match with the victory of Egypt.

Match details:

The Tunisian team advanced at the beginning of the match, and the Carthage Eagles managed to widen the difference by two goals, to score 5-3

Ahmed Khairy, the national team player, got two minutes in the ninth minute.

Despite the numerical deficiency, the Egyptian team succeeded in realizing the situation and scored two surprising goals, reaching the score of 5-5 in the tenth minute.

The Egyptian team then added two goals through the brilliant Mohamed Sanad to add two more goals within the 6 goals scored, bringing the result to Egypt’s progress 5-7, in the 12th minute, to ask the Tunisian coach to take a break.

After that, the Egyptian team succeeded in cutting the ball, to launch Mohamed Sanad in the 14th minute, adding the eighth goal, to widen the difference to 3 goals.

The Egyptian team expanded the difference to 4 goals, with a fast ball that Bakkar succeeded in achieving the tenth goal, making it 10-6.

The Tunisian team narrowed the difference to two goals, before Youssef Al-Maarif, the Tunisian player, got two minutes, to add Yahya Al-Daraa a goal to make the score 11-8, and immediately after that the Tunisian team would respond with a goal to make the score 11-9 in the 20th minute.

Sanad lost a penalty kick to continue the difference of goals 12-10, then 13-11, then the team added two goals to reach the result to 15-11.

With the start of the second half, the Tunisian team narrowed the difference to 16-16, after 6 minutes.

However, the national team returned to widen the difference to 4 goals by the 10th minute, (16-20).

Omar Al-Wakeel shone “Bakkar” to score two goals, and Khaled Yahya scored a goal, to reach the difference of 7 goals, and the result would become (23-16).

The Tunisian team reduced the score to 24-19 by the 19th minute.

The Tunisian team played with an advanced defense, so that the Egyptian team would resort to playing with 7 players with the goalkeeper leaving in the event of an attack, to succeed in adding two goals and reach the score of 26-22, 5 minutes before the end.

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