After denying being linked to him, Menna Arafa walks with Ali Ghazlan in Rawd Al-Farag .. Video


Spread The Youtube on Ghazlan, a short video clip via the stories feature on his personal account on the Instagram app, in which he appeared in a company accompanied by young artist Mena Arafa, in a famous barbecue restaurant in Cairo, specifically in his new branch in the Rawd Efraj area.

Arafa Menna appeared in the video, and Ali Ghazlan was joking with her, in light of the overwhelming happiness she overcame the duo, while the engagement news pursued them despite their reservations and failure to disclose it.

she was Young artist Menna Arafa, Appeared In one of the photos he published The Youtuber is on deer, and she looks at him eagerly, and wears the ring in her right hand, causing some to weigh the news that spread about their engagement, despite his denial of this news.

This comes, after the spread in the past few hours of a bold image of Menna Arafa, via the media media as she sat on a beach with a bold black water.

Which prompted the pioneers of social media to attack her, and the attack on Ali Ghazlan, too, after circulating news of his association with her.

A great deal of controversy was sparked by Menna Arafa because of her frequent appearances with doctor and youtuber Ali Ghazlan, with rumors spreading about their “engagement”.

The Youtuber posted on Ghazlan a video that he collected with a group of his friends through the Al-Asturi feature on his Instagram account, and they announced his engagement to the young artist Menna Arafa.

The artist Amr Abdel Aziz appeared, saying: “The girl got engaged, the girl got engaged,” to Ali Ghazlan, during the video, and next to him Menna Arafa, “Show us”, which the pioneers of the social media considered as confirmation of the news of their engagement, which ignited the communication sites over the past hours.


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