After giving birth to her third child, Mai Kassab mocks the diet


In a post on her Twitter account, artist Mai Kassab mocked a diet in such cold weather, which the country is currently experiencing.

“Indeed, the diet in the winter is forbidden,” I wrote sarcastically.

It is reported that Mai Kassab released a video clip called “Simply”, which she sang with the participation of Moroccan artist Farid Ghannam. She also recently released the album “I Lessa Hana Hana”, which includes 12 songs, and all the songs of the album are distributed by Oka, produced by “8% Music Production” and distributed by “Arbo” company, and the singing and audio mix of Mai Kassab was recorded with an engineer Sound George Jacob.

In 2019, Mai also presented the movie, “The Good, the Bad, and the Playful”, starring Bayoumi Fouad, Mohamed Salam, Ahmed Fathi and Tariq El-Ebiary.


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