After Haftar refused the agreement … Russias first comment on the ceasefire


The Russian Foreign Ministry said the commander of the Libyan National Army, Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter, He left the Russian capital, Moscow, without signing the ceasefire agreement.According to “Russia Today”, the Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed, a day after holding talks between representatives of the Libyan reconciliation government and Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, that Moscow Will continue to work towards a settlement in Libya.

Haftar conditions for the continuation of the armistice

A Libyan military source had told Al-Arabiya that “Hifter The dissolution of armed militias and the handing over of their weapons are required, before the signing of the agreement on the continuation of the armistice between his forces and the forces of the Government of Concord, who have been fighting for months on the capital, Tripoli.
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He also revealed an official of the General Command of the Army Libyan NationalOn the reasons why Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar did not sign the ceasefire in Moscow.

Why does Turkey seek to impose itself on the Libyan crisis?

The official said in statements to the Libyan newspaper “Al-Marsad” that the most important of these reasons are: “Turkey’s intention to exploit it by imposing itself through it, as a party in Libya, in a way that legitimizes its agreements with the government of national reconciliation, and the legitimization of the parallel parliament in Tripoli, to dispute the legal parliament and fragmentation of the social class.” Supporter of the armed forces. “

He added: “We are open to any initiative that injects blood, the basis of which is to eliminate terrorism, disband militias, and return to the legitimacy of the people within a Libyan Libyan framework, but our desire collided with the agenda of Turkish political and economic interests at the negotiating table.”

He continued: “Turkey She wanted to pass her own political and economic agenda and interests in exchange for pushing her on the Al-Wefaq government to accept a ceasefire on the current fighting lines, in the interests of its interests in Libya and the region, not for the Libyans.

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