After her fall with “underwear” .. new details about the “Sheikh Zayed girl” incident


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The security services at the Giza Security Directorate revealed the details of the incident of the fall of a “naked girl” from the fourth floor in the small investor area, in the tenth district of Sheikh Zayed City, where investigations showed that the girl was suffering from a bad psychological state, and that she had attempted suicide before, and was at the time of the accident accompanied by two young men Security forces managed to arrest them.

Major Ahmed Mamdouh, Chief of Investigations of the Second Police Department, Sheikh Zayed, received a notification from the people of the fall of a girl from the balcony of a building in the small investor area in the Tenth District.

Immediately, a security force moved to the author’s place, and found out the truth of the incident, and that the girl is still alive, wearing underwear, fractures, bruises, and concussion, and was transferred to Zayed Specialist Hospital to receive the necessary aid.

Investigations revealed that the girl was accompanied by two young Arab men, who rented an apartment on the fourth floor of real estate No. 53 in the tenth district of the small investor area, and they met the girl in one of the cafes, and they took her to their apartment.

Investigations showed, after hearing the statements of witnesses and neighbors, that they heard the voice of the girl trying to open the apartment door more than once to get out, but the two young men refused this, and closed the door in front of her, and after that they heard the voice of the girl screaming from inside the apartment, and minutes later, they were surprised that the girl threw herself from The fourth round window, trying to escape from the two boys.

The forces were able to arrest the two young men who were with the girl, when she jumped from the nets, and they were seized and notified the prosecution, which started the investigation. The detectives questioned the girl’s mother, confirmed that her daughter was suffering from a bad psychological state, and that she had attempted suicide before.

The investigations, which were conducted under the supervision of Major General Tareq Marzouq, Assistant Minister of Interior for Giza Security, continued that after the girl jumped from the window of the apartment, the two young men rushed to flee in a car of their own owners, and they were accompanied by another girl, and said to them: «Did they bring the girl drowned in her blood and walked? Then they answered, “Oh, come quickly before the police come.”

Upon examination and investigation, the security services were able to identify the boys and girls, and after legalizing the situation and raiding the places of their hesitation, they were caught, and in facing them they confessed to being inside the apartment with the girl, and they were not aware of them during the verbal argument with the girl, which led them to prevent her from going out, so she decided to jump through the window. Edited report on the incident, and notified the prosecutor for investigation.

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