After her transfer to the hospital … developments in the health condition of Mona Farouk


Settled down The case of actress Mona Farouk, after she was transferred to the hospital in the past few hours, where she published several pictures of her through her account on Instagram, asking her supplication from her followers.

Monas sister, Farouk, had announced that she had been transferred to the hospital, where she posted a picture of her wearing a respirator, and commented:Say: God will not afflict us except what God has written for us .. I will make her heal .. God will heal her and keep away any harm from her, and the evil of sickness will suffice for you. “

While the actress Rania Shihab commented: “A thousand peace be upon you, my soul, heal you, and heal you, and remove all evil from you and every eye that you prayed.” On the Prophet”.

Followers also wished her a speedy recovery through Their comments On the photos posted.


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