After it is canceled from electricity bills, we publish cleaning fees on a project


08:03 PM

Monday 13 January 2020

Books – Ahmed Ali:

Dr. Mohammed Shaker, Minister of Electricity and Energy, announced that he will stop collecting cleaning fees on the electricity bill starting next June.

This comes at a time when the Energy and Environment Committee in the House of Representatives, during the coming period, discusses the government’s draft law amending some provisions of Law No. 38 of 1967 in the matter of public cleanliness, after reviewing it from the Legislative Department of the State Council, as one of the important legislations within the framework of developing the cleaning system.

In the following report, Masrawy monitors the most prominent information on the draft law that includes amending Article (8) in a way that leads to a reorganization of the value of the monthly fee in exchange for the performance of the specialized administrative units in the governorates or the new urban community services for waste collection and garbage services from built units and space and disposal. In a safe manner, while exempting the places of worship from this fee, and controls and categories of drawing shall be issued by a decision of the Prime Minister not exceeding the maximum stipulated in the article.

The new fees established by the new draft law came in exchange for the service of garbage collection and disposal in a safe manner:

– From 4 pounds to 30 pounds for residential units

– From 30 pounds, 200 pounds per month for commercial units and units used as headquarters for professions and self-employment activities.

– Not exceeding 500 pounds per month for government installations, public bodies, public sector companies, the public business sector, health care facilities, and private educational facilities.

– Not exceeding 700 pounds per month for industrial establishments, and space used for commercial activities.

– Not exceeding 1,000 pounds per month for commercial centers, hotels, tourist facilities, and similar establishments or activities.

The places of worship are exempt from this drawing.

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