After Junior Adel Imam .. Descendants of the stars is an extension of their grandparents


The grandson of the artist, Adel Imam, who is called “Adel Imam Junior”, the son of the director Rami Imam, sparked widespread controversy, especially in the first media appearance announcing that he will take part in the directing experience, after receiving a study abroad in acting and directing.

This confirms that the grandchildren of the stars are also following in their footsteps, and not just the sons, to take the title of “grandson of Wazzam Awam”.

Perhaps among the most prominent grandchildren who excelled in the art world and established themselves, including the artist Jamila Awad, the daughter of director Adel Awad, and his grandson, the late artist Mohamed Awad, who was able to draw attention to her in his acting start through the series “Under Control”, which she participated in during his starring with Nelly Karim. The movie “Secondary Girls”, currently showing in theaters.

Among the grandchildren who were able to prove themselves also the artist Omar El-Shennawy, the grandson of the artist Kamal El-Shennawy, who also made a professional appearance as an extension of his grandfather. Perhaps one of his most prominent works is the series “Kalbash” that he presented with the artist Amir Karara.

Finally, the artist, Nahed El Sebaei, the daughter of the director Medhat El Sebaei and the granddaughter of the artist Farid Shawky, who was able to prove her worth in the world of acting, where she presented a large number of good works, perhaps the most prominent of which is the film “A Day for Women”, in which she won the award for best actress in the Cairo International Film Festival.


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