After provoking controversy .. Google is retracting the new design of search results


Google decided to undo the controversial desktop “search results”, as the company announced that it was testing some new elements of appearance, in response to user comments, after the company made one of the biggest changes to how the search results were displayed in the company’s record earlier in the This month, with the changes taking effect last week.

According to the Indian TOI website, these changes included visual adjustments that made it difficult to distinguish between search results and ads while removing color changes, and the introduction of small icons for brands alongside non-advertising results, known on the web as Favicons, which are small icons measuring 16 x 16 pixels They are displayed next to the site’s URL in the browser’s address bar.

Google’s stated intention was to make the display of desktop search results similar to the way it is displayed on a mobile phone, but it became clear that this change had an effect in making the distinction between paid and unpaid results more difficult, as the only difference between advertising The result in the new design is the lowercase letters or icon next to the link, which means that ads and results now look more similar than ever before.

Google said after the widespread backlash that it would test the presence of each of the Favicons icons next to the search results and put them on the web version of its search engine, to conduct these experiments during the coming weeks, while Danny Sullivan, Google search coordinator, wrote in a statement Posted on Twitter: Last week we updated the appearance of search results on the desktop to reflect what had been on mobile devices for months, we have heard feedback about the update, and we always want to make the search process better, so we will try new places for Favicons icons.

“Our experience will start today, and over the coming weeks, as we test that, some may not see Favicons icons while others may see them in different places, and we look forward to adding a modern look to desktop search results,” he added.


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