After raising the controversy .. The first response from the governor of Sharqia to the transfer of the second statue of Ramses (photos)


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Dr. Mamdouh Ghurab, the Governor of Sharqia, said that the statue of King Ramses II, which was transported in front of the Zagazig University Bridge, is a statue that mimics the real, and it is made of gypsum, fiber, and clay and is not made of fixed material fixed on the ground that is not affected by erosion factors. This came after the move of the statue sparked a state of controversy on social media, and criticized those responsible for the method of transporting the statue.

The Governor of Sharqia told Al-Masry Al-Youm that the statue was manufactured and placed in that region years ago with a societal participation to beautify it, however, due to the development and beautification activities in the region after the operation of the Sherwaida Bridge, which marks a qualitative shift in opening new traffic paths in the city of Zagazig and beyond.

The governor pointed out that, by examining the statue, it was found that it was made of gypsum and clay, and by examining it during the past period after the rain, parts of it were found, which poses a danger to the safety of pedestrians and vehicles in this area.

The governor explained that the statue does not belong to monuments or any other party, and it has no importance in that place, especially as the governorate is preparing to implement the project to revive the path of the Holy Family, and a thorough study will be made to place an archaeological statue that expresses the Pharaonic civilization that the province is famous for in one of the fields Important after obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Antiquities and placing it in a part that does not impede traffic, to represent a civilized and aesthetic form of Sharkia Governorate.

The Governor of Sharqia affirmed that the area is being developed starting from the iron barrier in the center of the university bridge, which has been closed and replaced by Bal Toubak crystals to expand the road to the homes and homes of the Sherweeda Bridge, pointing out that moving the statue will help in expanding the road and driving traffic due to multiple directions and display Road that does not allow multiple traffic hubs.

Moving the statue of Ramses in front of Zagazig University
Moving the statue of Ramses in front of Zagazig University
Moving the statue of Ramses in front of Zagazig University

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