After referring the killer to an urgent trial … 13 information about the “Kafr El Dawar massacre” – accidents


Counselor Hamada Shoukry, the Public Prosecutor, ordered that the perpetrator of the Kafr El Dawar massacre be referred to the urgent criminal trial for accusing him of killing 7 members of one family for the purpose of theft, January 5.

Al-Watan provides 13 information about the hideous massacre in the village of Izbat al-Tarh in Kafr al-Dawwar, from the discovery of the incident, through the identification and arrest of the accused, to his referral to the criminal trial, only 11 days after the crime.

1- On the morning of January 5, the people of Izbat al-Tarh, affiliated with the Kafr al-Dawwar Center, found 7 members of one family killed inside their house.

2- The security services moved there and the Public Prosecution attended, and they began to inspect the bodies, and it turned out that the victims were a husband, his mother, his wife and their four children.

3- The Public Prosecution Office ordered the forensic medical officer to explain the cause of death, and ordered the speedy identification and control of the perpetrator.

4- The security services found blood points in the vicinity of the house, and they were taken into custody, and it was found that they belonged not to any of the victims, but to the perpetrator.

5- The Public Prosecution inspected the “host” of the victims’ house, where it was found that there was an extinguisher with cigarettes and the remains of “tea”, which means that the perpetrator is aware of the victims.

6- Investigations and confidential information confirmed that the perpetrator of the incident is “Sharif Abdullah Rajab Al-Zayat”, a butcher, with the knowledge of the victim, and his whereabouts have been determined, in the city of Borg El Arab, to which he fled after the crime was committed.

7- The police managed to arrest the perpetrator, and found his injury. He said that the victim, “Shehab”, the eldest member of the family, was the one who caused his injury when he resisted him during the execution of the crime.

8- The defendant confessed to the crime in detail, confirmed that it took place for the purpose of theft, and said that he asked the victim, on the evening of January 4, to stay over with the police, and executed the crime at dawn, after his order was exposed.

9 – The Public Prosecution Office ordered that the accused be imprisoned, as a result of the investigations he is conducting with him, and that he was charged with murder.

10. The forensic medicine report, which the Public Prosecution received, confirmed that the victims were all killed as a result of segmental and stab wounds, and the burns that accompanied them, except for one child who was suffocated.

11- The criminal laboratory report, which the Public Prosecution received, confirmed that the fire occurred as a result of contacting a burning source with the use of accelerated materials such as “rice straw”.

12- After only 11 days of the crime, and pursuant to the principle of completed justice, the Attorney General, Hamada Al-Sawy, ordered that the accused, “Shareef Al-Zayat,” be referred to the urgent criminal trial.

13- The Alexandria Court of Appeal decided, on January 28, to start the trial.

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