After ten years and two children, find out why Shakira refused Pique’s marriage


05:00 AM

Tuesday 14 January 2020

Books – Bahaa Hegazy:

The Colombian singer Shakira, the friend of Spanish defender Gerard Pique, Barcelona club, revealed the secret of not being married, despite the relationship that they have had for ten years, which resulted in two children.

Shakira talked about why she was not marrying Pique in an interview with “60 Minutes”, saying: “Frankly, I am terribly afraid of marriage, because I do not want him to see a wife in me. It is better to see me as a girl, mistress – the forbidden fruit, I want to keep it in Always good shape. “

It is noteworthy that Gerard Pique, 32 years old, who is ten years younger than Shakira, has been emotionally attached since 2009.


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