After the charge of “premeditated murder” of Nancy Ajram’s husband … What is the ruling of Article 229 in Lebanon?


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The name of the actress, Nancy Ajram, has returned to be the most widely circulated, after a group of Lebanese press reports revealed that Judge Ghada Aoun, the Lebanese Attorney General, had charged the murder of Dr. Fadi Al Hashim, the husband of actress Nancy Ajram, in the case known to the media as “the murder of Nancy’s house Ajram.

The decision was made according to Article 547 on the authority of Article 229, which states that “the perpetrator shall not be punished for an act that was necessitated by him until he pushed him for himself or for others or for his property or property of others with a serious and imminent danger that he did not intentionally cause, provided that the act is proportionate And danger. ”

But soon I inquired a lot about what this referral means, so the Lebanese journalist Saeed Al Hariri said that this referral is in Al-Hashem’s favor. He wrote through his account on the blogging site «Twitter»:Judge Appeal Prosecutor Judge Ghada Aoun explained that her decision is in the Dr.’s case # Fadi_Hashim The artist’s husband #Nancy Ajram In the killing of the assailant who broke into their house he was on his behalf. Article 229 penalties prohibit punishment in the event of self-defense, and Al-Hashem defended his home, himself, his wife and their children. ”

In statements to Attorney Gabi Germanos, the client of Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem, he said: “We were not surprised by the current claim against Dr. Fadi Al-Hashim, because the natural path is for the file to turn into the first investigating judge in Mount Lebanon, with our assurance that the investigating judge will issue a decision considering Dr. Fadi Al-Hashim’s act as a legitimate defense in self-defense.”.

He continued in his statements to a number of Lebanese websites: “It is normal for the prosecution to be completed and transfer the file to the first investigating judge in Baabda, who in turn will follow up the investigations and verify the validity of all the statements made by Dr. Al-Hashim, and the deed of Dr. Al-Hashim is described as legitimate defense according to what is stipulated in Lebanese Penal Code ».

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