After the decision to return the movie “So that the smoke does not fly” .. This is Adel Imam’s opinion


After news spread about re-introducing the story “So that the smoke does not fly” by the great writer Ihsan Abdul Quddus, presented by leader Adel Imam in 1984, in a film with the same title and the participation of the actress Suhair Ramzi, to be presented by the star Mustafa Shaaban, in a series contested by the Ramadan race Next.

“The Leader” said in press statements about presenting the story in a series: “May God grant success to everyone, and every creator is free to choose what he presents on the screen.”

It is noteworthy that this film witnessed a milestone point in the career of the artistic leader, as he witnessed his transformation from the comic performance of Tragedy.

On the other hand, the leader finished filming the series “Valentino”, which is scheduled to be presented in the next Ramadan race, and through it he embodies the role of a businessman who owns a group of international schools called Nour Abdul Majeed Valentino, as he faces many problems and crises faced by the series of schools he owns. Many emotional stories, as events unfold in a social and interesting setting.

The leader of this series returns after the absence of last year from the Ramadan drama, where his latest work was the series “hidden worlds”, which was shown in Ramadan 2018, and co-starred with Salah Abdullah, Bushra and Fathi Abdel-Wahab and Heba Majdi.


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