After the events in Khartoum .. Al Hilal clarifies the position of Al-Ahly match


09:53 am

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Books – Muhammad Hammam:

Hassan Ali, the Secretary-General of Al-Hilal Sudanese Club, confirmed that his team’s match against Al-Ahly was on time, specifically on February 1.

Sudan witnessed unrest in the past days after shooting in the capital, Khartoum, which led to the closure of the airspace.

The Secretary-General of Al-Hilal added, in statements on the MBC Egypt screen, that “Al-Ahly’s match is on time and will be played at the Blue Gem Stadium.”

He continued: “We will welcome Al-Ahly in Khartoum, and whoever is best deserves to win the match, but we have a great insistence on qualifying and continuing the continental career.”

Al-Hilal official continued his talk about his club’s ambitions in the African continent: “Al-Hilal reached the final twice, what prevents us from winning the title?”

It is scheduled that Al-Hilal will come out in the next round to meet the Zimbabwe Platinum team, while Al-Ahly will host its coastal star competitor at the top of the second group, specifically on January 26.

The last match will witness Al-Ahly’s exit to confront Al-Hilal in Omdurman, in return the coastal star will play against Platinum Brads.

Al-Ahly is currently second with seven points, three points behind the leading coastal star.

On the other hand, Al-Hilal is behind Al-Ahly in third place with six points, and the Platinum team is at the bottom with only one point.


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