After the killing of 4 doctors and the injury of 13 … The victims of the Karimat Road, doctors from Minya traveled to attend a medical conference. Pictures


Investigations revealed Giza security services That the deceased and injured in the Karimat road accident, doctors were coming from Minya Governorate to attend a conference of the Ministry of Health and were hit by a transport vehicle that led to the accident. The rescue room received a report of a terrible collision on the road to the row and the occurrence of deaths and injuries, immediately upon the notification of Major General Tariq Marzouk, Assistant Minister of the Interior The director of Giza security, directed the rapid move to the accident site.The classroom and traffic officers moved to the scene of the eastern desert road and ambulances, and the injured and deceased were transferred to the classroom hospitals, May 15 and Al-Ayat, where the accident killed 4 doctors and wounded 13 others.

The investigations carried out under the supervision of Major General Mahmoud al-Sabili, Director of the General Department of Investigations, and Brigadier Alaa Fathi, head of the Investigations of the South Giza sector, revealed that a minibus collided with another transporting Jumbo after the steering wheel was disrupted by the leader.

A report of the incident was released, and the Public Prosecution office conducted the investigation.


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